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FinJust Ltd jurists have 15 years experience in detection of financial and economic criminal actions. Book-keeping examinations are made by Court expert whose resolution in Criminal action is appraised as expert resolution. For appraisal of person’s solvency the specialists use information got during the examination period to collect which the cooperation partner with necessary licence is invited. Confidence of FinJust Ltd clients and information got during the time of services is completely ensured.

FinJust offer

  • Realizes representation of one party interests against the other one although it happens in the court or any other institution
  • Accomplishes the appraisal of person’s solvency (movable, immovable property and finance resources, liability persons deliberation)
  • Performs merchants of potential partners evaluation, examining the carrying amounts of assets correspond to the real situation
  • Performs (criminal) judicial appraisal (detection of financial and corporative fraud) after persons’ activity, documents and all connected information being appraised
  • Consults, prepares applications and other necessary documents, and represents clients in criminal cases which have been commenced for criminal actions in national economy
  • Makes book-keeping examination (if it is necessary to appraise annual report, validity of financial use; if it is necessary to state or identify appropriation, misreperesentation of book-keeping data; if it is necessary to state action led till deliberate bancruptcy)
  • Konsults in questions concerned finances, book-keeping, taxes.
  • Cooperation partners:

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    Our Clients

    Attorneys offices

    Insurance companies

    Construction companies

    Food companies

    Court bailiffs

    Credit institutions

    State and local authorities